Changing habits!

Recognise your habit. Is it smoking? Alcohol? Nail Biting? Eating?

Whatever your habit, you have to want to change it.

A – Action. What event happens just before you notice your habit occurring? When you are stressed? Bored? Angry?

B – Behaviour. What exactly do you do? Do you open the fridge or open another bottle of wine?

Do you reach for a cigarette after a stressful incident?

Bite your nails because there is nothing better to do?

This is your behaviour as a response to an action.

C- Consequence. How does the habit effect you or those around you?

Will it make you gain weight or sabotage your weight management programme?

Are you aware that alcohol will kill off your brain cells?

Do you know that one more cigarette could lead to Cancer?

What is the consequence of your behaviour?

Recognise your ABC!

Take action!

Distance yourself from your habit by reducing your Action. Don’t have that bottle of wine, packet of cigarettes or chocolate in your home.

Recognise your emotions and Behaviour. If you feel stressed, turn your attention to something else – breathing exercises, go for a walk or exercise, do a piece of art (even a doodle).

Remember why you want to change your habit. Think about the Consequence. Remind yourself of that your health will suffer, you may alienate your loved ones or become less attractive to yourself.

Still struggling?

Then consider EFT or Hypnotherapy.

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