Packages and Prices


All individual sessions are £60 per hour. The first session includes a free 30 minute consultation (90 minutes in total).

If you buy a package (individually priced below) or multiple sessions in advance, I will always give you a discount.

Deposit of £6 required at the time of booking. 

Session include:

First Session: 30 minutes free consultation with 60 minutes therapy.

All sessions include relaxation and breathing techniques, full explanation of the therapy being used, and whatever is needed to make your experience both enjoyable and successful. 



We all strive for beauty, enhancing our looks by whatever method possible. But, did you know that you can improve your skin, self esteem and overall looks through hypnosis? Once you experience the deep relaxation of hypnotherapy, your face begins to look more youthful, your skin looks clearer and you develop an inner radiance.

I experienced this myself during a training session. A trainee hypnotherapist videoed me being hypnotised and my ordinary face, complete with character lines, smoothed so dramatically during the session that I actually didn’t recognise myself. And, I have witnessed this happen many times with my clients. 

Session include:

Relaxation of the facial muscles through hypnosis.
Regenerating of the cells and healing of facial microtears through the release of beneficial hormones.
Decreasing stress and anxiety hormones which are toxic to the body
Using relaxation techniques to boost self esteem and enhance inner beauty

People will ask you what product you are using!

Try a session today…see the results for yourself and release your inner youth.

£60 per session or 4 sessions for £220 when booked in a block.


Inner Child Workshops

  • Do you lack self-confidence, self-worth?
  • Do you have trust issues?
  • What are your relationships like?
  • Do you have problems making friends?
  • Do you feel you were physically, neglected, verbally and sexually abused as a child?
  • Did you suffer bullying in school? Find your authentic self and embrace your inner child through a series of activities, counselling and hypnotherapy. Sessions include:
  • ​Questionnaires and Assessments.
  • Resources to support your journey.
  • Hypnotic Regression to four different childhood phases.
  • Drawing – a journey of psychological analysis for self-discovery.
  • Set yourself free…book today for a package of 4 sessions for £260. ​​
  • Presentation Confidence

    Are you or your staff lacking presentation confidence? Do they read from the screen or stumble over their words? Our new comprehensive programme can offer you (as an individual) or a staff group, a full range of techniques, skills and confidence building sessions. Our 4 session package includes: 1. Confidence building 2. Preparation 3. Body Language and audience interaction 4. Being the Ace in the room Each session includes handouts, hypnotherapy and visualisation techniques and How to prepare to win your audience today! Cost per participant is £250.

    Healthy Living

    Our healthy living programme consists of four key pillars of health:

    1. Healthy Eating habits
    2. Exercise and motivation
    3. Relaxation and Mindfulness
    4. Repair and renew through sleep

    Each section comes with handouts, discussion and a hypnotherapy session.

    Total cost, for a health new you is £250 but if you can get 5 friends to join you (who pay the full amount) you get your sessions for free. Call or PM today.

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