Things to
make you think

The Lonely Man

I took this photograph years ago.
The man in my picture haunts me. His loneliness speaks volumes.
Do you ever feel that alone?
Even when surrounded by people?
How do you overcome that feeling?

Which mask do you wear?

I was lucky enough to take this photograph in Venice during carnival time.

It made me think how easy it is to hide behind a mask. We all wear different masks at different times, with different people or situations.

What mask do you wear?

Is this how you feel today?

This wonderful sculpture sits in the grounds of Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire. It was placed there to commemorate something completely different, I feel it symbolises someone who is feeling isolated, trapped or even alone.

What do you think?

Struggling to concentrate?

The seed head of a dandelion is a beautiful thing, so carefully designed by nature. I feel, when I look at this image, that the tiny seeds are like thoughts…drifting away when distracted by the wind. This reminds me of memories or thoughts that simply blow away.

Are you struggling to hold onto your focus?

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