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We know how stressful daily life can be; how we sometimes just need a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to. Here at New Day Therapies,  I offer a variety of therapy options utilising a range of techniques to help you. They are designed to help you conquer personal challenges by using hypnosis to reprogram the subconscious mind. Based in the Ellesmere Centre for Psychotherapy on Beverley Road, Hull, I work with clients from Hull, the East Riding, the UK and Globally. I will help you to develop the tools you need to make the changes you need, and I always offer a free initial consultations to my new clients, so you have nothing to lose!

Who AM I?

A little bit about New Day Therapies

My name is Dawn O’Donoghue and I run a professional, dedicated and affordable hypnotherapy practice. I pride myself in being fully qualified, registered and insured.  My own experience with hypnotherapy began at 19 when, lacking self confidence, I sought the help of a hypnotherapist and since then have given lectures to large audiences, taught in schools and continue to use my own knowledge to help my clients as they work to overcome issues they have experienced in their lives. My job is not to tackle your issues on your behalf,  but  to help and support you as you develop the tools to make changes and, according to my client’s feedback and reviews, I am good at it! 

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch. You can call or text on 07775429575 or drop me an email on [email protected]

I am a member of:

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
The General Hypnotherapy Register
The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council
The Hypnotherapy Association
The Federation of Holistic Therapists

I am also accredited by The FHT Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register, and are Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council Registered Practitioners

What do I offer?

I offer a range of therapies which are professional and bespoke focusing on you and what you need to change. This could be through the use of hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique or Inner Child Workshops. I also use NLP, CBT, Visualisation techniques and much more. As a Sleep Consultant and Relaxation Professional Therapist, I can extend my service to suit your individual needs.

It’s your therapy, and it should be done the way that works best for you!

What can I help you with?


Exam nerves

Lack of confidence and building resilience through self belief

Poor self esteem

Sleep and relaxation issues 

Fears and phobias

​Anxiety and stress (including covid anxiety)

Uncomfortable habits (smoking etc.) or addictions

Exam revision/memory aids/driving test support

Weight management including sugar addiction and binge eating

Psychotherapy ‘talking’ therapies

Pain Relief

Performance enhancement in sport or presentation skill

IBS, Fibromyalgia, Hypersensitivity, 

I also see clients who need help with…

Presentation or sporting performance, achieving goals and calming pre-exhibition anxiety

Dyspareunia and lack of libido 

Memory issues including learning lines, using mind maps and other techniques

Eating disorders including sugar addiction, Arfid (Avoidant, restrictive food intake disorder)

Interview techniques and use of body language, life coaching

 Musophobia, Trypanophobia, Emetophobia, gephyrophobia and many more phobias

Restless brain aka overthinking

Workplace stress including bullying

and anything else you can think of….




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