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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will I lose control whilst I am hypnotised?
Absolutely not! You can come out of hypnosis at any time. It’s a bit like being totally absorbed in a movie, book or a creative activity. All of a sudden you realise that you have been lost in thought but snap back into reality with ease.

The more hypnotherapy sessions you have, the easier it is to relax and be secure in the knowledge that you can end the session when you want, should you wish to.

Q: What if I can't be hypnotised?
Everyone experiences a form of hypnosis at some point in their life. Those ‘where did time go?’ moments. Your hypnotherapist will help you achieve that state of mind. They may include relaxation techniques, visualisation, metaphors or any number of techniques.
Q: What if I don't wake up?
Many people think that they may not wake from a hypnotic trance. This is a myth…there is never any danger of remaining in trance because you experience it daily. The therapist may use the phrase ‘and wake’ but actually…you are not asleep.
Q: Can I be made to behave like a chicken?
Not unless you have a desire to be a chicken – this is stage hypnotism and not part of the professional therapist’s portfolio. Suggestions are based on your needs and agreed focus for the session.

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